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Information Security - Privacy

Information Security is important in any business. Effective in 2010, certain data security has been mandated by recent legislation. In addition to being compliant, information security is just good business.

Statement of Policies and Practices:

1) Credit-card/charge-card data (including account number, control numbers, security numbers or PINS)are NEVER shared with persons inside or outside of Salon OGGI except during the required secure transmission of data during a POS (Point of Sale) transaction.

2) Data related to transactions is sent via a secure line. My POS provider, "The Square" (using iPad or iPhone), ensures a safe transaction. My carrier (AT&T), Apple, and "The Square" are solely responsible for the secure transmission and retention of their own data.

3) No credit-card / charge-card data is EVER written down for later use or stored for later reference.

4) POS receipts are either emailed or texted via "The Square" at the time of transaction. At POS, I may ask for your phone number for purposes of texting or emailing a copy of your receipt.

5) Customer data including names, addresses, phone numbers, transaction records, sales history, business preferences, preferred brands, etc. is NEVER sold, relayed or disseminated in ANY way (except as required during a POS transaction) to any vendors, merchants, other companies or individuals.

6) I complete a compliance review each year to ensure that legally required compliance with Information Security is maintained.


  • If you have any questions regarding my information security, please feel free to contact me using the information on my Contact Tommy page.

  • If you have questions regarding "The Square" POS security, please contact them at and view their "Security" link.

  • For information regarding transmission security for iPad or iPhone, contact Apple directly.

  • For information regarding transmission security for AT&T (my carrier), contact AT&T directly. 

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