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Thermal Reconditioning

What is Thermal Reconditioning?

Thermal Reconditioning (sometimes referred to as Japanese Hair Straightening) is an innovative technique from Japan which makes frizzy,wavy or curly hair straight while keeping the follicles healthy. Thermal Reconditioning will improve the feel, look, softness, shine and texture of the hair. The Thermal process can take from 6 to 8 hours, depending on the condition and length of your hair.

To view a video about Japanese Hair Straightening, click here.

How long will Thermals last?

Thermal reconditioned hair remains straight forever...Yes, forever ! It will not become curly or wavy again. New growth, usually some months later, will need to

be Reconditioned, normally 6 or more months after the initial treatment.

Can anyone get a Thermal?

Most hair types work well with Thermal Reconditioning, except for African hair, which tends to be too brittle and sensitive to the heat of a Thermal and would have to be done too often to avoid breakage. Also, hair that is too heavily bleached cannot be done.

Are there chemicals in the Thermal process that will damage my hair?

No. Most traditional relaxers contain various Hydroxide compounds that corrode the hair into a temporary straight look. The drawback to those relaxers is that they not only made the texture feel "stringy" but they didn't last long and the curl quickly returned. Thermals do NOT contain any any Hydroxide compounds or formaldehyde.

What are the rules immediately after I receive a Thermal?

Avoid getting your hair wet or sweating for at least 48 hours after treatment. Do not use clips or ponytail holders, tuck your hair behind your ears, or wear a hat for at least 48 hours after treatment and until your hair is shampooed for the first time.

What about after the Thermal? What do I need to do differently?

You can still blow-dry your hair, and you'll find that your drying time is greatly reduced. Many clients find that blow-drying is no longer needed. More often than not, after a Thermal, a brush or comb is usually not needed to blow-dry or style the hair. In short, you will find that hair-maintenance is greatly reduced !

What if my hair is bleached or tinted?

Depending on the level of tint or bleach, as well as the time since your it was last done, a Thermal may or may not work, but your hair can be tested quickly to see if a Thermal is right for you. Contact Tommy if you are considering a Thermal and wish to see if you are a candidate.

What if I still have questions?

Tommy is more than glad to answer your questions or arrange a time to look at your hair and see if Thermal Reconditioning is right for you. Call him at 954-647-0337 to get more information or schedule an appointment or hair-test. 

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